SCAT Gallery opens tonight with May installation

Two new artists are featured in the SCAT Gallery for May. 

Today, May 2 at 6 p.m. will be the opening art reception for “Through TheseRealities” which is a photography and poem exhibit curated by award winning photographer Joshua Sarinana.

“Through These Realities” challenges the narratives of mass media that invalidates the experiences of people of color through the interactions of images by six photographers of color: Adam CordelleAndrew HarrisKenia ArbaizaWandy PascoalXudong Liu and Paul Sayed who were inspired by six poets of color: Kesper WangIsabella De Palo Garcia PerezDurane WestAlysia WilliamsMayank Chugh and Cesar Sanchez Beras.

Our other featured exhibit will be “Sanctuary” by Phoebe “Pheebz” Warner who is a Boston-based interdisciplinary and community-based artist focused on the word CULTIVATE. They believe art is meant to feed the communities we live in to stimulate our minds, to tell our stories, to send messages, to celebrate, and to commemorate.


A note from Pheebz:

“This is my thank you.

To the communities in the city who have opened their doors to me.
To the people who recognize my strengths.
To the souls who share their sacred spaces.
Thank you.
Here is a piece of my Sanctuary for you.
Right in the heart of the busy streets
Amongst the smog, the smells, the sounds, the light,
A moment of connection with the Earth
Brought to you by
My legs, My feet,
My hands, My paint.
May you always find Sanctuary wherever you go.”

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